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Mailing & Despatch

In the dynamic realm of industrial mailing and dispatch operations, our comprehensive range of products is designed to optimize efficiency and accuracy in your logistical processes. From essential office supplies to specialized solutions, we offer an array of tools that redefine how you manage your mailing and dispatch needs.

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A cornerstone of our offerings is the A4 Copy Paper - 80gsm, boasting high-quality performance suitable for all laser, inkjet printers, and photocopiers. With a carton containing five reams, this paper ensures flawless prints across your communication materials.

Navigating the world of batteries becomes seamless with our diverse range available in various sizes - AAA, AA, C, D, and 9-volt. Crafted for longevity, these alkaline batteries serve as reliable power sources for your equipment and devices.

For efficient calculations and data management, our Calculator stands as a versatile companion. Equipped with an 8-digit sloping display and dual power options, it's an essential tool for streamlined operations.

Our Carton Staples - 561/16 redefine carton sealing, providing 2000 staples per carton for secure packaging. Offering versatility, we offer different series such as A Series 35/15mm and 35/18, ensuring compatibility with various carton staplers.

Enhancing document handling, our Large Doculopes in sizes like 125 x 175mm (A6) offer convenience and protection. The 'INVOICE ENCLOSED' variants minimize folding and reduce hassle in document insertion.

Key Tags in vibrant green, white, and yellow assist in effective categorization, while Laser Copy Labels in various colors and formats allow seamless customization of your communications.

In the realm of safety and efficiency, our range of knives caters to varied needs, from Heavy Duty Metal Scrapers to Klever Excel and Safety Cutter options.

For secure mailing, our MaxiTuff Padded Mailers come in sizes like 210mm x 270mm, 265mm x 375mm, 305mm x 400mm, and 360mm x 470mm. With exceptional water resistance and padded bubble interiors, they safeguard your contents during transit.

Industrial mailing often requires robust packaging solutions, and our Postal Tubes offer ideal protection for items like calendars and posters. Coming in different sizes such as 1050mm x 100mm, 450mm x 60mm, 625mm x 60mm, and 805mm x 60mm, they secure your goods with plastic end caps.

Efficiency extends to organizational tools like the Warehouse Clipboard A4, and Thermal Direct Labels provide an accurate and professional touch to your packages.

Elevate your mailing and dispatch processes with our extensive range. Contact our sales team today to explore the vast possibilities and tailor your choices to suit your unique industrial requirements.