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BioFill Void Fill

Do you need extra filling for your packages to secure your products from shipping damage? Gateway Packaging offers eco-friendly Bio-Fill Void Fill in 400L bags as a substitute for packing peanuts.

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Not only is Bio-Fill Void Fill completely biodegradable, it offers other benefits too. It’s:

  • A natural starch-based product: made of potato and corn starch, it dissolves in water;
  • Reusable, so your customers can easily store it and use it for their own packages;
  • Manufactured without water, which increases its sustainability;
  • Compostable, which makes it eco-friendly.

Be sure to add a note to your packages to alert your customers of the benefits of Bio-Fill Void Fill. Unlike ordinary packaging “peanuts” these biodegradable packaging peanuts have no electric static charge: they don’t cling.