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Kraft Brown Paper Rolls

Eco-friendly, cost effective and practical. Perfect for everyday and frequent use. This Brown Paper Roll is strong and reliable and tear-resistant. Can be used for packaging or wrapping a range of items in various shapes or sizes and also as a placer between goods to protect against damage in transit. An affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastics.

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Traditional Kraft brown wrapping paper is not only strong, it’s environmentally friendly too. Gateway Packaging stocks rolls of Kraft Brown Paper in several sizes to suit your applications. You can use it not only to wrap your products, but also to provide added protection for cartons and boxes.

“Kraft” means “strength” in German; it was developed by a chemist well over a century ago. It’s unbleached paper, so it uses less energy in its production, making it more sustainable. When considering shipping costs, Kraft brown paper is lightweight, so it can be used as a void fill product too.

Not only can Kraft paper packaging be reused, it’s made from wood pulp, so it’s completely recyclable and degradable.