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Kitchen & Washroom

Welcome to Gateway Packaging, your trusted source for kitchen and washroom supplies tailored to meet the needs of commercial and industrial premises. We understand the importance of well-equipped kitchens and hygienic washrooms in any workplace. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of products to enhance your employee's experience and maintain a clean, safe environment.


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Kitchen Supplies:

In any workspace, ensuring that your employees have access to basic kitchen essentials is paramount. Our selection of kitchen supplies includes water, coffee, tea, and biscuits. These staples keep your workforce refreshed and energized, making them essential for workshops, warehouses, and commercial premises. Keep your team fueled and ready for action with our quality kitchen products.

Washroom Supplies:

Maintaining a clean and sanitary washroom is essential for the health and well-being of your employees. Our washroom products are carefully chosen to improve hygiene and reduce the spread of germs and contaminants within your premises. Our reliable dispensers not only ensure efficiency but also reduce the need for frequent replacements due to wear-and-tear or damage.

Aerosols - Insect Spray:

Combat disease-carrying flies and insects with our powerful and economical insect spray. For outdoor areas, our Aerosol Aerogard offers personal protection against flies and mosquitoes. We also provide Air Wick air fresheners to battle unpleasant odors, ensuring a fresh and pleasant environment.

Skin Protection Creams:

We offer a range of skin protection creams to keep your hands in top condition. Our "After Work Cream" is perfect for post-work hand care, while the "Pre Work Cream" protects against workplace contaminants. Both are perfume-free and come in handy 150ml tubes.

Suprega Plus Hand Cleaner:

For heavy-duty hand cleaning needs, our Suprega Plus Hand Cleaner with poly beads is ideal. It tackles stubborn stains, grease, and grime effectively, making it suitable for all industries.

Cleaning Wipes, Bin Liners, and More:

Our workshop cleaning wipes, durable bin liners, centrefeed towel dispensers, broom heads, and compact hand towels ensure that your workspace is clean and efficient.

Disposable Cups and Bins:

We offer disposable corrugated paper cups with exceptional heat resistance and leak resistance, as well as plastic bins with swing lids for kitchens and washrooms.

Rediwipe - Ecowipe Perforated Roll:

Our environmentally friendly Rediwipe perforated rolls are perfect for convenient dispensing, with high absorbency for effective cleaning.

At Gateway Packaging, we are committed to providing you with high-quality kitchen and washroom supplies that enhance productivity and hygiene in your workplace. Call our professional sales team today to discuss your specific needs and place an order.