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Introducing Tenso Strapping | A Gateway Packaging Brand

tenso strapping

Tenso Strapping is the premium brand of strapping and accessories from Gateway Packaging.

The brand has quickly become a market leader after being officially trademarked in 2014!

Tenso not only covers a range of different strapping types but also a large range of accessories to cover all your strapping needs. 

It’s the quality, durability and competitive prices that keep our customers very happy and coming back to us for repeat business. 

Here are a few of the signature strapping supplies that you will find under the Tenso brand…


Greenwave PET Strapping (Exclusive to Australia)

Our GreenWave PET Strapping has an innovative product technique allowing for a reduction in the grammage (g/mt) with almost no loss of tensile strength.


Basically, this means that the reduction of grams per metre of the strapping results in a lower volume product. This aids our contribution to the protection of the environment through waste minimisation.

There are several quality aspects of the GreenWave PET Strapping that make it a top choice!


    • It’s environmentally friendly
    • The strap end is secured in a bag inside the roll core
    • The strapping roll is foiled to prevent unintentional uncoiling
  • Includes revolutionary embossing to the strap to enhance joint strength

Products of varying sizes, shapes and weight have to be safely secured whilst they are being transported.


Using the right strapping is about more than just the specified tensile breaking strength.  


GreenWave PET Strapping is perfect for securing a wide range of products including bricks, bamboo, timber, trusses and everything in between.

greenwave pet strapping

Battery Powered Strapping Tools

Our range of Tenso battery powered strapping accessories are designed to save you time and eliminate the need for numerous tools.


The innovative Tenso LST 270 + 450 Battery Powered Strapping Tools are faster and easier to use, making every operator more efficient and productive.


It takes just 15 SECONDS with the Tenso LST 270 + 450 compared to several minutes using a range of different tools to do the same job manually.


Watch the Tenso Battery Powered LST 270 Strapping Tool being put through it’s paces in this short demonstration video.

The automatic welding system offers automatic, semi-automatic, manual and soft options through the enhanced tension system, while tools are also perfectly balanced and comfortable to use in both horizontal and vertical positions due to their ergonomic and lightweight design.


All tensioning and sealing operations are controlled by electronic push buttons. A brushless “wear free” motor system, powered by a lithium-ion battery, provides up to 400 cycles per battery charge.


That’s a lot of strapping between charges!


Plus! The high speed charging system gives you a full charge in less than 30 minutes!


We have listed more reasons below as to why the Tenso Battery Powered range is a must have in your srtapping tool kit.

    • All In One – No need for numerous tools
    • Fast Operation Anywhere – Lithium-Ion battery powered with long usage time.
    • High Productivity – Saving you time with auto-manual modes
    • Environmentally Friendly – The wear free system delivers higher efficiency
    • Highest Quality Materials – Includes the latest technology
  • Failsafe Technology – Simple and easy to use

The Full Range of Accessories

The Tenso brand also extends to the full range of premium accessories required for each type of strapping offered. 

The range covers everything from dispensers, tensioner tools, buckles and seals, edge protectors, cutters and both semi and fully automatic strapping machines. 

Product Specifications

See product specifications and place orders online at www.gatewaypackaging.com.au


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