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Introducing Paxum Films | A Gateway Packaging brand


Due to its outstanding stretchability, adhesion, puncture resistance, clarity, and low-noise application, the Paxum brand of premium stretch wrap film is proving to be the product of choice in its category.

The Paxum stretch wrap film range is composed of linear low density polyethylene resin with many layers. Combined with a unique Metallocene Octene resin that is put on the outer layers, this creates a product with enhanced durability and elasticity.

Now, if you found that last paragraph a mouthful or you’re new to the world of stretch wrap film, here are the details that really matter!

Paxum Films come in a range of thicknesses from 8um through to 30um and are available in 3 different roll types.

  1. Machine rolls for automatic applications
  2. Hand rolls
  3. Bundling rolls for manual applications

With the launch of the newly innovative thin gauge stretch film 8um-12um, this 9-layer cast film is designed to ensure the lowest wrapping cost per pallet.

Due to its thin and durable construction, it can be used to reduce film usage by as much as 65 percent.

Same strength but thinner film results in less waste and more savings.


Stretch Film Types

We offer a wide range of stretch wrap films and accessories to cover all your requirements. 

  • UV Stabilised Stretch FilmThese UV-stabilised stretch films prevent the deterioration of wrapped products from environmental factors.

    Many other types of stretch films degrade when exposed to UV light, but our UV stabilized stretch film protects your products from sun or environmental damage, maintaining the integrity of your products. Gateway Packaging’s UV stretch film is a quality stretch film for products that are stored out in the open or exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods.

  • Black Stretch FilmThe primary advantage of black stretch film packaging is that it has the ability to obscure valuable products from view alongside its toughness and top-notch puncture resistance, reliably safeguarding them in transit. This particular product also provides moisture and UV protection making it an excellent choice for securing high-value goods.
  • Pre Stretch FilmThere are many reasons to consider pre-stretch film for your packaging applications. Its main advantage is that it is extremely easy to apply manually as it already comes with a good amount of stretch. With this “pre-stretch” advantage, a complete tight wrap is possible by hand unlike other standard manual stretch films, thereby enhancing the safety of your products in transit.
  • Pallet Top SheetsGateway Packaging’s pallet top sheets work to minimise damage since they offer additional protection for products being shipped or stored in the open. Pallet sheets are recommended if your products are sensitive to dust and moisture. Our black pallet top sheets also assist in product concealment reducing the likelihood of tampering.
  • Centre Fold FilmCover your awkwardly shaped products with this protective packaging. Centre fold film is folded lengthwise on a roll that doubles in size when opened and comes in varying lengths and thicknesses. Poly centre fold film is economical, easy to use and apply and therefore, used in a variety of general packaging applications. Also known as Builders Film, our centre fold film is also traditionally used in transporting goods in the building and construction industries.
  • Perforated Stretch FilmPerforated stretch film also goes by the name “ventilated stretch wrap film”. It is ideal for any products that require air circulation in storage or on pallets. Our perforated stretch film helps extend the shelf life of fresh produce and pharmaceutical products alongside products that are palletised when warm, as the perforations aid in cooling and reduce condensation. Reinforced and tear-resistant, perforated stretch film is also strong, improving security of loads in transit.
  • PVC Heat Shrink FilmPVC heat shrink films contract and wrap tightly around boxes or products when heated. It is the most common and cost-effective type of shrink film used. Made from PVC, the film is easy to apply, seal, and shrink. Proper ventilation is required when sealing with PVC heat shrink film. It is widely used because it is lightweight and requires lower temperatures for shrinking. PVC sheets cannot be utilised for food products as the shrinking process generates minor amounts of hydrogen chloride.
  • Heat Shrink Pallet Tubing and BagsHeavy duty heat shrink pallet tubing helps you safeguard products on a pallet by stabilising them, preventing tampering, theft, environmental and other damage. Heat-shrink tubes and bags come on a perforated roll and are simple to apply. Open the gusseted bag, cover goods on a pallet and seal with a heat shrink gun. Ideal also for odd shaped goods.
  • Heat SealersHeat sealers come in various sizes and are used to seal your products with minimum wastage by applying heat onto thermoplastic bags or tubing. They can also come with cutters to cut the polyethylene or polypropylene bags or tubing as required. Gateway Packaging offers sealers with or without cutters. Goods are secured by melting the plastic. Simple and convenient in a handheld size.
  • and lots more! 

Roll Types

Paxum Films come in a range of roll types to suit any application.

  • Machine Rolls
  • Hand Rolls 
  • Bundling Rolls 

Product Specifications

See product specifications and place orders online at www.gatewaypackaging.com.au

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