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How To Choose The Right Type Of Tenso Strapping For The Job


Products of varying sizes, shapes and weight have to be safely secured whilst they are being transported.

The Tenso range of strapping supplies and accessories provides a solution for all the load securement requirements relative to all industrial packaging and strapping applications.

 There are many applications for the wide range of Tenso strapping products. From bricks to bamboo, from timber to trusses and everything in between.



Why Use Strapping?

Strapping is used to ensure that a load is secured during transport, use or storage.

It is widely used due to its strength and minimal volume required to complete the job, which is good for both your budget and the environment.

How To Choose The Correct Strapping

There are many different varieties and types of strapping. 

The Tenso range covers:

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right strapping product for the job.

Here is a list of items that you need to consider:

  • the specified tensile breaking strength (Will the strapping be strong ensure to hold the load?)
  • the possibility of the load changing volume during transport due to load settlement (compensated for by the elasticity of the strapping material)
  • the suitablity of the strapping to the load that you are securing (you would not use steel strapping for smaller, soft loads)


We have listed a few senerios below to help clarify things a little further.


  1. You may have a requirement to secure odd shapes, machinery or heavy duty loads which may have a tendency to creep during transport…


Suitable strapping to use: Steel Strapping


  2. Perhap you have a smaller package that requires a lighter duty strap to ensure safe arrival of your packaged goods without damaging the materials…


Suitable strapping to use: Polypropylene Strapping


  3. You may have sensitive surfaced products that require the strength of steel strapping but also need protection from scratching and damage… 


Suitable strapping to use:  Composite Strapping 

4. If you require heavy duty loads to be strapped which will be exposed to the environment or moisture and you want to prevent rust occuring…


Suitable strapping to use:  Composite Strapping 


More Than Just Strapping

Our Tenso Strapping also comes with a range of Tenso Strapping Accessories which you can see here.

The battery powered strapping tools will save you hours of precious time, allow you to operate anywhere and increase your productivity overall.

Feel like looking over our Tenso catalogue? Click here to download a copy of our latest edition.

Product Specifications

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