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How To Apply Composite Strapping With A Manual Tensioner


Have you just started using composite strapping or having difficulty using the product? We have created this blog and video to help!


Composite Strapping Instructional Video

If you prefer to watch a video rather than read, see our demonstration video below.


How To Apply Composite Strapping

To begin, you want to feed the leading end of the strapping under your pack. This is different from steel and PET strapping as it feeds over the top and under your pack.

Next bring the strap up and over the pack, being careful not to twist the strap.

Now, make a loop with the leading end of the strap. Grab yourself a buckle and feed it up through the centre of the buckle and feed to loop onto the top prong of the buckle.

Now, you will need to repeat this step with the ‘trailing end’ of the strap. Make a loop with the strap, feed it up through the centre of the buckle and feed the loop onto the bottom prong of the buckle.

To make the tensioning process easier, it is best to take some slack out of the strap. To do this, simply hold the strap that is below the buckle closest to the pack and pull down on the strap that is feeding down from the buckle. Get it as tight as possible.


Buckle Application 

Give yourself about 150-200mm from the buckle when placing the tensioner on the strap. This will allow you to tighten the strap with hitting the buckle.

Take your tensioner and press down on the handle, this will lift the gripper foot up. Place the tensioner on the pack. Feed the strap closest to the pack under the cutter, tensioner and gripper foot.

Now lift the handle to open the cutter wheel and align the tensioner slot. You can move the handle as much or as little as needed to make this a straight line for the strap to come through.

Now all you need to do is ratchet the handle to get the strap to tighten. Notice how much the tool moves towards the buckle during tensioning, this is why we allow the room when placing the tensioner on the strap.

Once you have the strap at your desired tension, simply push all the way down on the handle, this will turn the cutter bar at the foot of the tool and finalise the tensioning process. Then slide the tool to the right of the strap to release.


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