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  • Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine - Tenso
  • Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine - Tenso 1
  • Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine - Tenso
  • Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine - Tenso 1

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The Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine – Tenso by Gateway Packaging is an efficient, fully automatic and reliable vertical machine that is designed to provide optimum strapping solutions for various industries. This fully automatic horizontal automatic strapping machine is equipped with advanced technical features that ensure convenient and efficient strapping of pallets.

Our machine is equipped with ARES & Index strapping head Index strapping head Siemens PLC and HMI which provide precise control over the strapping process. The adjustable sealing and cooling time ensure that the strapping is done with high accuracy and consistency. The strap guide arm and the friction weld sealing technology provide a secure grip on the pallets, ensuring that the load is secure during transportation.

The Pallet Strapping Machine – Tenso also features a free access to strap guides, swivel dispenser set, and strap end ejector which makes it easy to use. It has pre-program setting for quick and easy operation. The safety rack ensures that the strapping process is done safely and without any hazards.

Our machine is easy to install and operate, and it has additional features such as floating head, free-standing operation desk (3M), and light tower with low strap sensor. It has a dual-channel E-stop and a lower tension range (200 – 1200 N). The HMI and PLC are mounted on the opposite side for easy accessibility and a strap program selecting by remote control (4-bit binary input) further improves its efficiency. With up to 60 pallets/hour (3 parallel straps) capacity, the Pallet Strapping Machine – Tenso is a high-performance product that can handle PP or PET strapping. It is compatible with strap widths of 12 mm, 15.5 mm, or 19 mm, providing versatility in its application.

In conclusion, the Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine – Tenso by Gateway Packaging is an innovative and reliable product that offers precision and efficiency in strapping pallets. With advanced technical features, user-friendly operation, and a high-performance capacity, it is the perfect solution for various industries.

Gateway Packaging also offers a variety of Pallet Strapping Machines and other options for your consideration.

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Model Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine
Capacity: Up to 60 pallets/hour (3 parallel straps)
Strap Type: PP or PET strapping
Strap Width: 12 mm, 15.5 mm, or 19 mm
Tension Range: 1100 - 3200 N (standard) 200 - 1200 N (optional)
Minimum Strapping Height: (a) With conveyor: 160 mm above conveyor surface (b) Without conveyor: 240 mm above floor
Maximum Package Height: Standard: 2,200 mm Option: 2,700 mm
Strap Core Size: 406 mm/200 mm/230 mm/280 mm
Pneumatic Source & Air Consumption: 6 bar 7.1 liter/cycle
Electrical Requirements: 220V, 380V, 400V, 415V 50/60Hz 3PH

Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine - Tenso

CODE: 60446
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The Tenso Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine is a fully automatic vertical machine, designed for industrial applications. It excels in delivering accurate strapping output for standard-sized loads with unwavering performance. This enhanced model not only ensures precision but also maximizes productivity, effectively reducing production costs. Tailored for seamless integration with master control systems, the Tenso Horizontal Pallet Strapping machine is a versatile choice for various end-of-line packaging sectors. As an optimal solution for fully automatic operations, it finds its niche in applications such as palletized products, home appliances, bricks, blocks, and more.

Main Features: 

  • ARES & Index strapping head 
  • Index strapping head 
  • Siemens PLC and HMI
  • Adjustable sealing and cooling time
  • Strap guide arm 
  • Friction weld sealing technology
  • Free access to strap guides 
  • Swivel dispenser set
  • Strap end ejector
  • Pre-program setting 
  • Safety rack 
  • Easy to replace strapping head
  • Uplifting Support
  • Suits PP Strap # 50312 # 50313 & PET Strapping

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