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Hooded Heat Shrink Machine

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Introducing Hooded Heat Shrink Machines: Streamline your packaging process with the efficient heat-shrinking technology of Gateway Packaging’s Hooded Heat Shrink Machines. Our machines offer an Easy One-Step Seal and Shrink Operation for a flawless finish, making it perfect for wrapping various packaging containers such as aerosol containers, bottles, pallets, and more.

Our Hooded Heat Shrink Machines are designed to enhance your packaging efficiency by sealing and shrinking in one operation. The Automatic operation feature ensures that your product is securely wrapped, while the adjustable height plate inside the shrink chamber accommodates different packaging types. The Electromagnet feature holds down the hood while the machine is in operation, ensuring that the packaging is evenly sealed and shrunk.

Mounted on a mobile trolley with lockable casters, the Hooded Heat Shrink Machine is easy to move around and can be placed wherever you need it. The machine’s dimensions are 320mm W x 460mm L, making it compact and able to fit into tight spaces.

Gateway Packaging’s Hooded Heat Shrink Machine is suitable for wrapping a wide range of items, including books, DVDs, food products like fruits, vegetables, and frozen goods, electronics such as laptops and tablets, apparel, toys, bottled beverages, hardware tools and equipment, small appliances, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, promotional items and merchandise, automotive parts, office supplies, textiles and fabrics, and retail products in boxes or cartons.

In conclusion, Gateway Packaging’s Hooded Heat Shrink Machine is the perfect solution for your packaging needs. With its Seal and Shrink in One Operation, Automatic operation, and adjustable height plate inside the shrink chamber, you can streamline your packaging process and achieve a flawless finish every time. So enhance your packaging efficiency today with Gateway Packaging’s Hooded Heat Shrink Machine!

For more information, please contact our friendly sales team for expert advice and guidance on how to streamline your packaging process today!

Sealing Area: 320mm W x 460mm L
Max Product Height: 200mm
Max Roll Size: DIA 250mm x 470mm W
Watts: 2100W

Samples of Items that can be wrapped:

  1. Books and printed materials
  2. DVDs and CDs
  3. Food products (e.g., fruits, vegetables, frozen goods)
  4. Electronics (e.g., laptops, tablets)
  5. Apparel and clothing
  6. Toys and games
  7. Bottled beverages
  8. Hardware tools and equipment
  9. Small appliances
  10. Cosmetics and personal care products
  11. Pharmaceutical products
  12. Promotional items and merchandise
  13. Automotive parts
  14. Office supplies
  15. Textiles and fabrics
  16. Retail products in boxes or cartons

Hooded Heat Shrink Machine

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Streamline your packaging process with our efficient heat-shrinking technology the "Hooded Heat Shrink Machine". Whether you're wrapping aerosol containers, bottles, pallets, or various packaging containers, our machines offer an Easy One-Step Seal and Shrink Operation for a flawless finish. Enhance your packaging efficiency today!

Key Features:

  • Seal and shrink in one operation
  • Suitable for wrapping various packaging types
  • Automatic operation
  • Adjustable height plate inside shrink chamber
  • Electromagnet holds down hood whilst in operation
  • Mounted on mobile trolley with lockable casters
  • Sealing Area: 320mm W x 460mm L

Ready to take your packaging to the next level? Our Hooded Shrink Machine can help you improve your workflow, increase output, and enhance the quality of your packaged products.



Contact us today to learn more about how the Hooded Heat Shrink Machine can help your business.

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