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Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

How to use the fully automatic PR-360

The PR-360 is full-automatic and can be managed by a single operator. Load a pallet onto the machine, then press a button on the remote control and wrapping begins.

- Install the film onto the PR-360'”installing new rolls onto the machine is easy, with fast threading. No need to tie off onto the pallet.

- Load your chosen program from the microprocessor, choosing single or double wrapping. Press the Start button on the remote control.

- When wrapping is complete, the machine cuts the film. You can remove the pallet and load another one.

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Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

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Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine PR-360

End your stretch wrapping challenges and operational bottlenecks today, with the PR-360, a fully automatic turntable stretch wrapping machine.

The PR-360 reduces productivity headaches, while saving costs. This machine provides remote control operation, wrapping up to 30 pallets an hour, with pallet loads of up to 2000 kilos. Operator input is minimal. The PR-360 pre-stretches wrapping film to 250%: it also clamps and cuts film automatically.

- Automatically wrap pallets of any shape, via the machine's microprocessor. It offers eight different wrapping programs, each of which can be adjusted using the digital control panel.

- Save programs with the memory setting function.

- You have full digital control, so you can adjust the machine via the 100% electromagnetic brake at any time.

- Automatic film attaching and cutting

- Photo eye for auto load height detection

- Simple and easy operation

- Digital touch panel control

- Remote control operation, no need to get off forklift

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