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From Inside The Construction Industry | The Travelling Builder

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Matt Shutkowski has it flowing through his veins.

And by ‘it’, we mean the building and construction industry.

Matt started his working life as a ‘chippy’ (carpenter) and worked his way up to the point where he built his own business.

“…and I lost that business as quick as I started it” he says.

He then worked his way up the chain to become a construction site manager.

However, he quickly grew tired of the industry standard 6 day week and long hours working schedule.

The idea of The Travelling Builder was born from Matt’s love of ‘talking shop’ and swapping stories with other builders and construction workers.

Tune in to catch the rest of the story and hear about the movement Matt is creating with his media business and how you could be a part of it…

Thanks to Matt for taking the time to share his story with us!

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We are grateful to be able to connect and share the stories of industry experts and thought leaders.

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