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Strapping Machine

Are you ready to increase your operation’s productivity? A strapping machine is a fast and efficient way to strap your products. Using less labour than manual strapping, a strapping machine is safer for workers and is designed to get the job done in less time with reduced cost.

Automatic strapping machines will increase profits through improved process efficiency.  

The right strapping machine makes a big difference to any operation. Gateway Packaging offers powerful fully automatic strapping machines providing the best price per performance as well as a quality semi-automatic strapping machine that is compact, portable and affordable. 

Check out our fully automatic AFS-900 strapping machine: it offers automatic strap feeding, and an electronic tension control, with a powered dispenser. It’s capable of applying up to 29 straps per minute, and makes swift work of wrapping products and readying them for transport.  

If you’re considering a versatile machine to strap bulky goods, you can place our semi-automatic strapping machine wherever you need it.

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