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Pallet Wrap Machines

Looking for a high quality pallet wrap machine?

Pallet wrapping machines are essential tools to stretch plastic film around goods in high-volume operations. Machine-wrapping secures goods so that they can be transported safely, and reduces the risk of displacing goods.  

If you’re wrapping pallets, the benefits of a pallet wrap machine are immense. Not only does the machine save time and manpower, it reduces costs and improves workplace safety. Tests confirm that while workers can get a 50% stretch from pallet wrapping film, a machine can get up to a 300% stretch making pallet wrapping more cost effective and efficient with an automated system.  

Gateway Packaging offers both semi-automatic pallet wrap machines, as well as automatic wrap machines. Both types of machine are not only reliable, they will increase your operation’s productivity and save you money too. 

Our semi-automatic PR-300 pallet wrapping machine is reliable, safe, and easy to operate.  

The PR-200 semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine offers digital touch controls, auto height detection, and adjustable tension control. 

For larger operations, our fully automatic pallet wrap machine offers streamlined remote control operation, removing the need for the operator to leave the forklift.  

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