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Heat Shrink Machines & Tools

A heat shrink machine, also known as heat shrink wrappers or heat shrink wrap machines, are designed to seal and shrink product packaging in a single, automatic operation. This can greatly increase productivity in your operation without the need for additional manpower. The hooded heat shrink machine offered by Gateway Packaging is high quality, robust, compact and mobile, allowing you to move it to where it is needed. 

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As well as being more efficient and effective than manual shrink wrapping, especially with any volume, using a heat shrink wrapper is much safer for staff. Our heat shrink machine also has heat settings that can be altered and the adjustable height plate inside the shrink chamber allows you to customise the fit for your specific product. An electro magnet holds down the hood during operation for added security, making the machine perfect for safe and efficient packaging. Additional settings allow you to customise temperature, shrink time, conveyor speed and height as needed so you can get the perfect packaging for your products.

Gateway Packaging also offer a variety of heat-shrinkable films that work with these machines.

At Gateway Packaging, we provide our customers with the best packaging machines and solutions that are designed for effectiveness, low maintenance and longevity. Contact us today to learn more about our heat shrink machines and how they can benefit your business.