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E-Tape Packaging Tape - 48mm x 150mtr - BROWN

Introducing the Brown E-Tape Hot Melt by Gateway Packaging, the ultimate solution for all your packaging needs. This advanced range of packaging tapes is loaded with features and benefits that reduce costs and improve usability compared with standard tapes.

Looking for a tape that offers a longer roll length? Look no further! The big 150mtr roll length means less roll changes and operator downtime, making it the perfect choice for high volume packaging applications.

The adhesive coating process with water-based technologies uses cold-applied adhesives that do not contain aqueous emulsion, making it durable, non-toxic, and resistant to UV rays. The result is a product with low noise unwinding, ensuring workplace tranquility and maximum user benefits.

Moreover, the Brown E-Tape Hot Melt is not only reliable and efficient, but it is also environmentally friendly. With a 60% reduction in waste, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are contributing to a sustainable future.

This premium quality tape is available in 4 grades, ensuring an extra strong grip. Its well-balanced and lightweight design makes it a natural first choice for all your packaging needs, while its high-performance makes it a reliable industrial packaging tape for every requirement.

In conclusion, the Brown E-Tape Hot Melt is the perfect solution to save time and space while providing maximum user benefits and exceptional value. With its unique 150M length roll, environmentally friendly features, and reliable industrial packaging tape quality, it is the ultimate choice for all your packaging needs.

You could also consider our other standard packaging tapes that are perfect for packaging products, sealing cartons, and bundling items together on pallets. With their robust adhesive properties, they ensure that your packages remain securely sealed during transit and storage, giving you peace of mind.

One of our popular options is the Brown Standard Packaging Tape, featuring a high-performance adhesive made from natural rubber. This tape provides excellent adhesion and is compatible with most types of cardboard. If you prefer transparent packaging, we also offer the Clear Packaging Tape, allowing you to showcase your products' labels while ensuring secure packaging.

For more information, contact our friendly sales team to find the perfect tape for your requirements.

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E-Tape Packaging Tape - 48mm x 150mtr - BROWN

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Experience clarity with E-Tape Packaging Tape. This unique roll offers a generous 150mtr length, reducing downtime and wastage. Enjoy 100% more tape on the same size roll for long-term savings. Crafted with a 30-micron premium packaging tape and a quality natural rubber solvent adhesive, it ensures reliable and secure sealing while maintaining a professional appearance.

Main Features:

  • Crystal-Clear Solution
  • 150mtr Length
  • 100% More Tape
  • Premium 30-micron Craftsmanship
  • Reliable Rubber Adhesive
  • Colour: Brown

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