De Lama Composite Strapping - Ref, #191, 19.0mm x 550mtr


De Lama® composite straps are composed of polyester cables in parallel and coated with PET. The strapping has a retraction

after tension of up to 4% .De Lama® composite straps are the preferred choice in many industries. Listed below are just a few.

- Sawmilling

- Timber processing

- Printing

- Scaffolding

- Racking

- Heavy equipment parts

- Steel and pipes

- Roll forming

- Trusses

- Wall frames

- Pumps and Motors

REF #191

ROLL SIZE = 19.0mm x 550mtr



- No scratching or staining. Won’t cut into or damage your products. No rust marks.Soft, safe edges.

- High tensile strength. Strap can be retensioned.

- High impact resistance

- Safe to use. No kickback like steel strapping and no sharp edges

- Proven product-used for over 25 years in Europe

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