De Lama Composite Strapping - Ref, #159, 16.0mm x 870mtr


REF #159 ROLL SIZE = 16.0mm x 870mtr TENSILE STRENGTH = 500kg Benefits: - No scratching or staining. Won’t cut into or damage your products. No rust marks.Soft, safe edges. - High tensile strength. Strap can be retensioned. - High impact resistance - Safe to use. No kickback like steel strapping and no sharp edges - Proven product-used for over 25 years in Europe *PRICES EXCLUDE GST & ARE PER ROLL*

Tenso Composite Strapping is a safe alternative to Steel Strapping and is the strapping of choice for all 'safety aware' personnel. It has equivalent tensile strength to steel strapping and is manufactured from polyester yarns sheathed with a plastic coating therefore it is optimally protected from sharp edges and weathering. It is sealed securely using a heavy duty buckle which is re-tensionable.

De Lama® composite straps are composed of polyester cables in parallel and coated with PET. The strapping has a retraction after tension of up to 4% .De Lama® composite straps are the preferred choice in many industries. Listed below are just a few. - Sawmilling - Timber processing - Printing - Scaffolding - Racking - Heavy equipment parts - Steel and pipes - Roll forming - Trusses - Wall frames - Pumps and Motors

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