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Tenso Composite Strapping - 19mm x 550mtr

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Are you tired of dealing with packaging solutions that don’t provide the stability your cargo needs? Look no further than Tenso Composite Strapping – 19mm x 550mtr. This incredible product is designed to offer the best load stability solution for large, bulky, and heavy cargo, regardless of its shape and size.

Tenso Composite Strapping is made from co-extruded high tenacity polyester yarns embedded in a polymer coating, giving it a unique composite structure. This polyester corded composite strapping is ideal for industries such as aluminium scaffolding, glass, stone and brick, racking and storage, timber milling, and wall frames and roof trusses.

One of the key advantages of Tenso Composite Strapping is its versatility. It is a stiff yet flexible product that can be easily used in various packaging applications. Additionally, it has a high resistance to severe weather conditions, ensuring that your cargo remains secure even in challenging environments.

Unlike PET and steel strapping, Tenso Composite Strapping does not break instantly from a single point impact due to its elasticity. This makes it a much safer option, reducing the risk of damage during transportation. In fact, when comparing the impact resistance of Tenso Composite Strapping with steel strapping of the same breaking strength, Tenso’s impact resistance is seven times higher.

The benefits of Tenso Composite Strapping go beyond its outstanding performance. This innovative product leaves no scratching or staining, ensuring that your products arrive in pristine condition. It won’t cut into or damage your valuable cargo, thanks to its soft and safe edges. The high tensile strength of Tenso Composite Strapping allows for easy retensioning, providing added security during transit.

Safety is a top priority, and Tenso Composite Strapping excels in this area. Unlike steel strapping, this product has no kickback and no sharp edges, further reducing the risk of injuries during handling. It has been a proven product in Europe for over 25 years, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness.

Additionally, Gateway Packaging offers a range of Tenso composite strapping such as 19mm x 550mtr & 32mm x 400mtr for your consideration.

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Tenso composite strapping is a stiff but flexible product that can be easily used in various packaging applications. It has a high resistance to severe weather conditions, and unlike PET and Steel strapping, it does not break instantly from a single point impact due to its elasticity. Steel and PET strapping can break easily from a single point impact during transportation. To compare between steel strap and Tenso composite strapping with the same breaking strength, Tenso composite strapping’s impact resistance is higher by a factor of 7, compared to steel strapping.

Composite strapping is the preferred choice for the following industries:

  • Aluminum
  • Scaffolding
  • Glass
  • Stone and brick
  • Racking and storage
  • Timber milling
  • Wall frames and roof trusses


Tenso Composite Strapping - 19mm x 550mtr

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Composite Strapping is a safe alternative to Steel Strapping and is the strapping of choice for all 'safety aware' personnel. It has equivalent tensile strength to steel strapping and is manufactured from polyester yarns sheathed with a plastic coating therefore it is optimally protected from sharp edges and weathering. It is sealed securely using a heavy-duty buckle which is re-tensionable. Composite strapping also provides the best load stability solution for large, bulky and heavy cargo irrespective of the shape and size.


  • No scratching or staining
  • No rust marks
  • Soft, safe edges
  • High tensile strength
  • High impact resistance
  • Safe to use
  • Proven product-used for over 25 years in Europe
  • Roll Size = 19mm x 550mtr
  • Tensile Strength = 380kg

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