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Composite Strapping: A Great Alternative To Steel

Are you sick and tired of steel strapping?

Have you been putting up with it simply because you don’t know what to replace it with?

Perhaps you or someone you know have injured themselves on the cold, abrasive edges or had products damaged because steel is so unforgiving?

If this sounds like the pain you are currently experiencing then there is another product we suggest you try…

We would like to introduce you to a great alternative, composite strapping.

Composite Strapping

Composite strapping is the answer to all your steel strapping issues.

It is made from polyester yarns which are embedded in a polypropylene coating.

The high tenacity polyester yarns are the core of this product and are what provides the tensile strength.

The polypropylene coating holds the yarns together and creates a product as strong as steel!

Some of the advantages that make this strap so popular and such as great alternative are:

  1. It is just as strong as steel strapping
  2. It is easy to handle and is extremely safe
  3. This strap absorbs shock and will not recoil when broken or cut
  4. It does not rust or stain the products that it is used on.

Not only that, but it’s a lighter product making it easier to handle and the soft edges mean you do not need to be concerned about cuts and abrasions.




Compare the Pair

You might still be wondering whether composite can be used to replace the steel your currently using.

Let’s take a look at how the two types of strap stack up against each other…

Tensile Strength 553kg – 1080kg 380kg – 940kg 
Weight Heavy Light
Rust Yes No
Application Abrasive Firm
Fastening Method Metal Seals Wire Buckles
Fastening Tool Steel Strapping Tool – manual Strapping Tensioner – manual/auto
Pricing Comparable to Composite Comparable to Steel

Changing over to composite is also quick and easy, no expensive equipment needed.

Composite is secured quickly and simply by using wire buckles and a tensioner.

Below is a video demonstration of the composite strapping in action!

Make your workplace safer

One of the biggest issues with steel strapping is that it is a harsh product to handle.

There are more than 3 workers cut/injured by steel strapping every day in Australia.

Using the required PPE (personal protection equipment) is always required and even then there are risks associated with applying and removing the strapping.

A simple and cost-effective way to instantly increase your workplace safety and reduce work-related injuries is to switch to the composite strap.

No cuts, no recoil, no injuries!

Try a Composite Starter Kit

With all this information on hand, are you interested in switching from steel to composite strapping?

To get you started, try a Composite Strapping Starter Kit which has everything you need.

The kit includes a mobile dispenser, buckles, manual tensioner and 1 roll of 19mm composite strap.

If you find you are happy with how easy the product is to use, all you need to do is replace your steel strapping orders with composite strapping.


Arrange an onsite demo

Or maybe you are looking to try composite strapping but would like to like to see it in action first?

We also offer on-site demonstrations* to allow you to see the product up close and in action in your own environment.

The on-site demo allows you to see the product in your own environment before making a decision.

To arrange a demonstration, please contact us via the details below.


To find out more information or to arrange a composite strapping starter kit or an on-site demonstration, please send us a message via Live Chat to the bottom right of the screen.

Alternatively, you can contact our sales team any time by emailing sales@gatewaypackaging.com.au or calling 1800 003 310.

*availability of onsite demonstrations may depend on the location