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Pallet Strapping Machines: What They Do and How They Work

Strapping goods onto pallets secures your goods for handling, as well as for safe shipping and storage. Which strapping machines you choose depends on your applications. Strapping goods onto pallets secures your goods for handling, as well as for safe shipping and storage. Which strapping machines you choose depends on your applications. At Gateway Packaging, […]

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Strapping Tapes in the Packaging Industry: What They Are and What They Do

Are you looking for the best type of strapping tape for your packaging? With so many alternatives, choosing the best tape can be a challenge. Firstly, what are “strapping tapes?” Are they the same as packaging tapes? What are strapping tapes? You’re familiar with everyday, standard packaging tapes. They’re used for product protection and security. […]

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Heavy Duty Steel Strapping And Choosing A Steel Strapping Tensioner

If you’re looking for strapping material for heavy loads, heavy duty steel strapping may be the right solution. Although steel strapping has challenges, it remains the most popular choice for strapping and banding in major industries, including the mining, timber, and construction industries. Since it’s manufactured from carbon and steel alloys, steel strapping can be […]

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Composite Strapping For The Construction Industry: Strong And Safe

Widely used in the construction industry, composite strapping has many applications, especially in timber strapping. It’s used in sawmills and timber processing, as well as for trusses, scaffolding and wall framing materials.   Not only does composite strapping have high system strength—it’s sometimes referred to as “synthetic steel”—it’s non-abrasive and retains tension.  It’s less dangerous than steel too, because […]

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Composite Strapping: Your Questions Answered

1. How strong is composite strapping?  Composite strapping consists of a polymer coating wrapped around polyester (polypropylene) fibres. Although it’s up to five times lighter than steel strapping, it can be stronger than steel. It’s available in various widths and strengths.   Contact us at any time for advice on using composite strapping in your applications; we can advise […]

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The New Tenso TS-464 Battery Strapping Tool

The Tenoso TS-464 is a battery operated poly-strapping tool that is suitable for heavy applications across industry.

We sat down with our sales director, Craig Phillips, who demoed the new Tenso TS-464 Strapping Tool for our new podcast…

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Composite Strapping: A Great Alternative To Steel

Are you sick and tired of steel strapping?
Have you been putting up with it simply because you don’t know what to replace it with? 
Perhaps you or someone you know has injured themselves on the cold, abrasive edges or had products damaged because steel is so unforgiving?

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Why You Should Purchase High Quality Strapping

Are you paying the price by purchasing on price when it comes to your strapping and strapping products?
In this blog, I would like to list the reasons why you should not choose the cheapest option and the negative effects it can have on your business.

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How To Choose The Right Type Of Tenso Strapping For The Job

Products of varying sizes, shapes and weight have to be safely secured whilst they are being transported.
The Tenso range of strapping supplies and accessories provides a solution for all the load securement requirements relative to all industrial packaging and strapping applications.

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