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Category: Packaging Tapes & Adhesives

Common uses of Hot Melt Glue in Industrial Packaging

Hot melt glue and hot melt glue guns are two of the most widely used materials in industrial packaging companies. The use of hot melt glue has revolutionised the way companies package their products and ensure their items are secured and protected during shipment. It has become commonplace in packaging production lines due to its […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Tapes and Most Common Applications

Trying to choose the best industrial tapes for your applications? Tapes are used widely in packaging, but also in many other industries and trades. They’re manufactured in different materials, sizes, and grades. Some tapes are strongly adhesive, others are suited to applications with extremes of temperature. With so many kinds of tape available, it can […]

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How to Choose the Best Packaging Tape For Your Needs

Searching for a packaging solution? We can help. At Gateway Packaging, we offer a wide range of packaging tapes for business and industrial applications. Finding the best tapes to secure and protect your products can be challenging. Not only do you need to consider your packages: their shape and weight, you also need to consider […]

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Selection Guide for Industrial Tapes: Types, Features & Applications

Industrial tapes are used in every industry. Not only are they used in manufacturing for sealing, bonding, and packaging, they’re used for many specialized purposes. Your mobile phone for example, uses many different types of tapes, for fixing components in place, as well as for shielding, grounding, and protection. Gateway Packaging stocks a wide range […]

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Choosing The Right Type Of Packaging Tapes To Help Your Business Grow

If you’re looking for industrial packaging tapes, choosing the right tape for your applications is essential. Damaged packaging tape can result in damage to products, disappointed customers, and, therefore, losses to your business. Does this mean you need to choose expensive heavy-duty tapes to secure your products? Usually not. You’ll increase your business’s profitability if […]

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