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  • Phoenix Bubble Film - 10mm Standard - 1.5mt x 130mt Roll - Slit x 4
  • Phoenix Bubble Film - 10mm Standard - 1.5mt x 130mt Roll - Slit x 4 1
  • Phoenix Bubble Film - 10mm Standard - 1.5mt x 130mt Roll - Slit x 4
  • Phoenix Bubble Film - 10mm Standard - 1.5mt x 130mt Roll - Slit x 4 1

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Introducing the Phoenix Bubble Film - 10mm Standard - 1.5mt x 130mt Roll - Slit x 4. This Australian-made packaging solution is designed to meet your packaging needs while prioritising sustainability and efficiency. 
The Phoenix Bubble Film is made with 50% recycled content, showcasing its commitment to environmental conservation. With 25% post-consumer recycled material, this packaging solution helps minimise waste and reduces the need for new resources. By using the Phoenix Bubble Film, you can contribute to the efficient management of landfill, raw materials, and carbon emissions. 
Manufactured under ISO 14001 & 9001 standards, the industrial-grade Phoenix Bubble Film ensures superior quality and performance. You can trust that each roll is produced with meticulous attention to detail and undergoes rigorous auditing to guarantee customer satisfaction. 
Sustainability is at the core of the Phoenix Bubble Film's production process. With 25% renewable energy sourced from GreenPower, this packaging solution helps reduce reliance on non-renewable resources and promotes a cleaner, greener future. Additionally, the Phoenix Bubble Film is 100% recyclable, surpassing the 2025 recycled content targets. By choosing this product, you are actively contributing to a circular economy. 
Not only is the Phoenix Bubble Film environmentally friendly, but it also offers practical benefits for your business. The economic 130m rolls provide cost-effective packaging solutions, while its reusable design allows for efficient use of space, reducing freight costs and optimizing warehouse operations. This packaging solution is both environmentally conscious and efficient, helping you streamline your packaging processes. 
With the Phoenix Bubble Film, you can trust that your packaging needs will be met with a sustainable and reliable solution. Make a conscious choice for your business and join us in creating a better future with the Phoenix Bubble Film - 10mm Standard - 1.5mt x 130mt Roll - Slit x 4. 

Furthermore, our bubble film rolls can be customized with slits for even greater flexibility. Options include 2 slits at 750mm3 slits at 500mm, or even 4 slits at 375mm, providing tailored solutions for your specific needs.

Need to learn more? Contact our friendly sales team today for expert guidance and recommendations on streamlining your packaging operations and maximising productivity! 

Phoenix Bubble Film - 10mm Standard - 1.5mt x 130mt Roll - Slit x 4

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Phoenix 50% Recycled Bubble is an Australian-made packaging solution with an impressive 50% recycled content. The economic 130m rolls are not only 100% recyclable but also boast 25% post-consumer recycled material. Furthermore, their reusable design not only reduces freight costs but also offers space-saving benefits for warehouses, providing an environmentally conscious and efficient packaging solution.

  • Industrial-grade Phoenix: 50% Recycled Bubble Material
  • Minimizes Waste: 25% Post-Consumer & Post-Industrial Recycled Content
  • Efficient Waste Reduction: Landfill, Raw Materials, Carbon Emissions
  • ISO 14001 & 9001 Audited Manufacturing for Quality Assurance
  • Sustainable Production: 25% Renewable Energy with GreenPower
  • 100% Recyclable & Exceeds 2025 Recycled Content Targets
  • Roll size = 1.5mt x 130mt
  • Slitting = 4 @ 375mm

Contact our sales team to check how Phoenix Bubble Film can add benefits to your business.

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