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  • Paxum Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine — X0-BG
  • Paxum Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine — X0-BG
  • Paxum Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine — X0-BG
  • Paxum Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine — X0-BG
  • Paxum Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine — X0-BG
  • Paxum Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine — X0-BG

Intelligent Features

Introducing the latest advanced pallet wrapping machine, which combines intelligent features with cutting-edge technology for efficient and effective pallet wrapping. This innovative solution comes equipped with an automatic film changing system, ensuring continuous operation without interruptions. With AI-powered wrapping patterns, it optimizes load stability, while intelligent sensors detect any irregularities during the wrapping process, guaranteeing quality control. The machine also offers remote monitoring and control capabilities, simplifying management and maintenance tasks. Furthermore, it incorporates intelligent load stabilization features to secure the load during transportation. With multiple wrapping modes, it provides enhanced flexibility and options for different pallets and loads. Experience seamless, intelligent pallet wrapping like never before.

Locating and Securing Device

Experience the efficiency of double arm fasteners, providing precise positioning and securement for luggage. With automatic tightening and a robust clamping device, rest assured that your goods will remain securely in place without any risk of sliding out.

Intelligent Touch Operating System

Discover the X-Line Touch Screen featured in our airport luggage wrapping machine, offering an intuitive interface that is easy to comprehend and operate. Experience a user-friendly wrapping process like never before.

Saving Film Consumption

Achieve a remarkable 300% pre-stretch rate, maximizing the value of every meter of stretch luggage film.

Utilize the standard constant releasing film feature for consistent and efficient wrapping.

Benefit from fixed-point wrapping and quantitative film consumption, ensuring precise and controlled usage of the film.

Weighing Scale Optional

Our Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine offers an optional weighing device that can be customized based on customers’ needs. This feature enables users to accurately determine the weight of each case, providing precise information for efficient handling and management.

Paxum Machine ModelXO-BG  
Turntable diameter: 500 mmMinimum wrapping height0mm
Column height: 1280 mmWrapping forceAdjustable
Pre-stretch rate: 300%  
Film diameter: 250mmPLCX-line
Turntable speed: 0-20r/minInverterX-line
Up/down speed: 6m/minTravel switchOmron
Film speed: 5m/minRelayOmron
Machine weight: 400KG  
Load weight: Maximum 50KG  
Total power: 1.2KW  
Machine size: 1357*765*2565mm(L*W*H)  
Voltage: 220V  

Paxum Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine — X0-BG

CODE: 62104
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Introducing our new Paxum Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine ideal for airport terminals. This machine allows you to wrap your luggage or boxes in stretch film, providing enhanced security for your items.

  • X-line IoT Technology for intuitive and user-friendly operation.
  • A remarkable 300% pre-stretch rate, enabling cost savings by stretching the film from 1m to 3.5m.
  • Photoelectric sensor technology for intelligent and faster wrapping based on height detection.

Upgrade your baggage handling services with our cutting-edge Pacum Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine. Provide your passengers with an added layer of security and convenience, while optimizing your operational efficiency. 

Call us now to explore how our advanced features for Paxum Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine X0-BG can benefit your airline operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to choose an intelligent pallet-wrapping machine

    Choosing the right Airport Wrapping Machine is essential to ensure that your business is productive, efficient, and cost-effective. Here are some factors to consider when selecting an Airport Wrapping Machine:

    • Wrapping speed: Look for a machine that can wrap pallets quickly and efficiently to reduce downtime and improve productivity.
    • Load capacity: Consider the size and weight of the loads that you typically wrap, and choose a machine that can handle them.
    • Wrapping patterns and modes: Check if the machine has AI-powered wrapping patterns and multiple wrapping modes to provide flexibility and optimize load stability.
    • Film changing system: Choose a machine with an automatic film changing system to ensure continuous operation and reduce the need for manual intervention.
    • Intelligent sensors: Look for a machine with intelligent sensors that can detect irregularities in the wrapping process to ensure quality control.
    • Remote monitoring and control: Consider a machine with remote monitoring and control capabilities, making it easier to manage and maintain the machine.
    • Load stabilization features: Look for a machine with intelligent load stabilization features that ensure that the load remains secure during transportation.
    • Cost and ROI: Determine your budget for the machine and consider the expected return on investment (ROI) to make an informed decision.

    By considering these factors, you can choose an Luggage Wrapper Machine that best fits your business needs and ensures that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Advantages of using an intelligent pallet wrapping machine
    • Faster and efficient: An Airport Luggage Machine can quickly wrap pallets, saving time and effort compared to doing it manually.
    • Consistent and high quality: Smart patterns and sensors in the machine ensure that wrapping is done the same way every time, reducing the chances of damage during transport.
    • Secure loads: An Airport Luggage Machine makes sure your products are stable during transport, lowering the risk of damage and making it safer.
    • Money-saving: It reduces labor, film use, and product damage costs, making it a cost-effective choice.
    • Versatile: The machine can handle different pallet sizes and types with various wrapping options.
    • Easy monitoring and control: You can manage it remotely, reducing downtime and repair expenses.
    • Eco-friendly: It uses just the right amount of film, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

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