About Us

Established in 1965, the business has, through the consistent practice and application of sound business principles, developed a significant ‘value proposition’, that has underpinned meaningful, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships, with strategic supply partners and an ever-increasing loyal business client base.

After 35 years of trade, and soon after the turn of the century, the company registered the Gateway Packaging entity, to better reflect the position in the market that the company had established.

The ‘Gateway’ concept was born.

Industry and other commercial enterprises, involved in the manufacture, handling, distribution, transportation and storage of products and equipment, are forever in search of ‘best practice’, including: health and safety, environmental responsibility, value adding ‘efficiency’, ease of application and cost effectiveness. The ‘Gateway’ concept, ensures that the very best practices and product innovations, manufactured and utilised by the global community, are brought to the client, regardless of industry and or location.

Strategic alliances with some of the most highly reputed manufacturers of packaging consumables around the globe, coupled together with local ‘solutions based’ application knowledge and extraordinary customer and product support, Gateway Packaging have become long term supply partners to renown corporate retail giants, timber and steel fabrication and supply merchants, logistics and warehousing service providers, commodity manufacturers and large scale distribution businesses.

The exceptional and consistent growth of the company, is testimony to the very meaningful and sustainable ‘value proposition’ available to all clients, both existing and future, to take advantage of, and experience substantial benefit from.

Gateway Packaging, Australian owned and operated, is committed to continuous improvement and adaptability, and will remain true to the core values and mission, of providing a gateway of integrity for businesses, to a world of packaging solutions, products and services.


Providing our valued business clients, with the ‘gateway’ to a world of innovative packaging solutions, by drawing on our team’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of ‘best practice’ in application process, and optimum product selections, available to businesses internationally, from an array of highly reputed packaging manufacturers.


To be the supplier of choice to all our clients, of ‘end to end’ packaging solutions, consistently delivering products and services that represent industry ‘best practice’ including; environmental responsibility, social accountability, financial competitivity, superior quality and customer service excellence; the combination of which, epitomises exceptional value.

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