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8 Must-Have Scaffolding Products


There are many different scaffolding products used in the industry but we believe there are certain products that you cannot go without!

While we are unable to help prevent Month Nature from doing this to your scaff…

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…we can help make things easier when it comes to sourcing the products you need to transport and store your scaffolding.

1. Steel Strapping

Strapping is generally used for securing scaffold and other products during shipping

and storage.

It keeps your products safe and protected and also frees up space by keeping like

products in neat bundles for easy location.

It maintains safe and stable loads when stacking on racks, reducing the risk of product

falling from heights and potentially causing injury.

Steel Strapping comes in a range of sizes and strengths depending on your requirements.

Alternatively, Composite Strapping is also an option being as strong as steel strapping

and allowing the use of a Battery Powered Strapping Tool can save you time

and money!


2. Battery Powered Strapping Tools

Battery powered strapping accessories are designed to save you time and eliminate

the need for numerous manual tools.

The innovative Tenso LST 270 + 450 Battery Powered Strapping Tools are faster and

easier to use, making every operator more efficient and productive.

It takes just 15 SECONDS with the Tenso LST 270 + 450 compared to several minutes

using a range of different tools to do the same job manually.

The automatic welding system offers automatic, semi-automatic, manual and soft options

through the enhanced tension system.

Here are some more reasons why the Tenso Battery Powered range are a must have:

• All In One – No need for numerous tools

• Fast Operation Anywhere – Lithium-Ion battery powered with long usage time.

• High Productivity – Saving you time with auto-manual modes

• Environmentally Friendly – The wear free system delivers higher efficiency

• Highest Quality Materials – Includes the latest technology

• Failsafe Technology – Simple and easy to use

Click here to watch the Tenso Battery Powered LST 270 Strapping Tool being put

through it’s paces!


3. Stretch Wrap Film

After you have secured your scaffolding and equipment, protect it further by wrapping

it in high quality stretch wrap film during shipping and storage.

The Paxum range of premium stretch wrap film is proving itself to be the product

of choice due to its superior properties including stretchability, cling, puncture resistance,

clarity and low noise application.

Paxum Films comes in a range of thicknesses, from 8um through to 30um, and is

available in 3 different roll types.

1. Hand rolls

2. Bundling rolls for manual applications

3. Machine rolls for automatic applications

Due to its thin and strong structure, it can be utilized to achieve savings of up to 65%

on the amount of film consumption.

Same strength but thinner film means less wastage and more savings in your pocket.


4. Scaffold Mesh

Complete your scaffold construction and setup by using a high quality scaffold mesh.

Using the scaffold mesh adds an extra layer of protection to your scaffolding.

Ensure that personnel and equipment are kept within the scaffolding as well as protecting

anyone in the external environment from hazards like falling objects.


5. Custom Warning Signs

Every scaffolding and work site need to have mandatory, warning and danger signage.

Gateway Packaging stocks a wide range of general signage but also offers custom

signage options to suit your requirements.

Made from high quality polypropylene, the signs can be custom made to suit your

business and safety requirements.


6. Tie Wire

Tie Wire or Wire Twist Ties are heavy duty ties for fast, secure sealing of heavy bags

and sacks.

They are ideal for tying mesh together and for bundling rods.

They are also copper coated to prevent rusting.

Using a Wire Twist Tool also makes it fast and easy to tie off the twist ties.


Have Your Say!

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