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Seven Ways To Save Costs On Your Packaging Supplies


Every company looks for methods to cut expenses and lower monthly payments. What if we told you there was a chance you could cut costs significantly on packaging materials? What follows are the five most promising ways for cost cutting that we have identified with three additional methods.

1. Streamline your packaging options

Sometimes, the greater the variety of packaging supplies, the greater the costs. Consider whether using the same packaging instead of many different products can help reduce costs. You may be able to lower per-unit costs when making bulk purchases of the same item. Consider too, whether a packaging machine can help you streamline production, improve productivity and make more efficient use of materials.

2. Measure twice, order once.

When it comes to strapping and stretch wrap, there are a variety of sizes and lengths available.

It is essential to ensure that you order sufficient quantities of the correct packaging supplies by ensuring that you have selected the proper product.

This means that you will not need to place any more orders!

3. Place a larger order to reduce costs.

We often forget that there are several hidden costs involved when it comes to placing orders.

There are costs included with the labour required to check stock levels, administration to place an order and the freight costs to have the order delivered.

These costs add up very quickly, so ordering a bit more than you require will ensure that you are not ordering more frequently than you need to!

4. Purchase high quality products.

People frequently seek out the cheapest things, but this implies that they are not necessarily of the highest quality.

The issue with selecting a cheaper product is that it will ultimately cost you more.

They tend to be inefficient, break easily, and could potentially cause more harm if defective, resulting in higher long-term costs.

At Gateway Packaging, we take pleasure in the superior quality of our products while simultaneously striving to deliver them at the most affordable pricing possible!

5. Check the specifications prior to ordering.

In the world of packaging, many products come in a large array of shapes and sizes!

If you are looking to order strapping, stretch wrap, press seal bags or cardboard cartons you have hundred’s of options to choose from!

Double checking the specifications before placing an order means you will have the right product for your needs the first time around and again save on costs, especially when you are ordering packaging machines!

6. Consult with sales staff to ensure you order the right product.

Perhaps you need to order something you have not purchased before or you are unsure about a particular product?

Speaking with the sales team online or over the phone is another way to save you and your business time and money.

Our expert sales team has decades of experience between them in the industry and they can help you select the right product for the job!

7. Optimize packaging bulk

Reduce shipping costs by minimising packaging bulk for more effective use of space. Consider new types of packaging materials to tightly pack and protect goods to get more out of each load or container. See whether padded envelopes can replace bulkier boxes for smaller goods.

Consider the use of packaging automation to reduce wastage and optimise volumetric or dimensional weight. An efficient packaging machine like Gateway packaging’s pallet wrap machines and quality stretch film will help save costs, particularly in high-volume operations. Machine-wrapped goods are also better protected in transit minimizing damage or loss of goods.

Save Costs On Your Packaging Supplies!

So those are a few ways that we believe you can save costs on your packaging supplies!

What are your thoughts?

Do you save costs in other areas?

We would love to hear from you in the comments below!